Earth 2 Mars

Welcome to the showcase page for Earth 2 Mars, an Australian company that specializes in change management courses to help individuals find their place in the world and create space for sustainable change. Our team at SoftServe Digital had the privilege of building a quality website and corporate identity that reflects their values as change consultants.

Brief Overview

Our aim was to help Earth 2 Mars build a sustainable future by creating a professional, sleek, and minimalistic website. We used a simple and easy-to-read font to enhance the user experience and convey their approach to change management.

About Project

Earth 2 Mars is a forward-thinking company with a passion for building an inclusive universe where humanity meets technology. Our team was thrilled to collaborate with them on this project and bring their vision to life. We focused on creating a website that reflected their core values, including their commitment to sustainability and the maximization of human potential.


Our team faced the challenge of designing a website that embodied Earth 2 Mars's core values and conveyed their message to potential clients.

We took on this challenge by using a minimalist design that showcased their services and values in a simple and direct manner.


We approached the project by conducting a thorough analysis of Earth 2 Mars's brand identity and their target audience. We then developed a design strategy that focused on creating a sleek and modern website with an intuitive user interface. We used WordPress as our platform of choice and incorporated a range of technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Our team used an agile development approach, which allowed us to adapt and respond quickly to any challenges that arose during the development process. We also incorporated various design elements that were selected to reflect Earth 2 Mars's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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"We are so glad to have the Softserve team working with us. We're really pleased with the result, and we're continuing to lean on them on support as we keep growing the site.Their expertise and service really made us feel reassured we're in a safe pair of hands.Whenever we need assistance, they are there for us to help.We engaged the Softserve team to refresh and build new pages for the Earth2Mars website. Starting with strategy, we dived deep into our audience to get clear on the messaging and intent for each page. They facilitated the workshops to help uncover the thinking and intel, which lead to creating a flow and wireframe for the entire site. We were able to determine what we wanted to keep, and what we need to change, update or add. It was a really important step and allowed us to work through the design phase with a strategy to work from. The design was executed beautifully and really elevated the Earth2Mars brand. The final phase with build and launch was a success and we're continuing to lean on them for advice and support to keep growing our site. We're very happy with the result!We appreciate their well rounded approach to design, always thinking about the strategy behind it to inform a solution with substance and purpose.